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How Does my Website Become Visible to Search Engines?

Submitting your Web address to the search engines is not a cut-and-dried process. To get this right, you need to monitor your site's presence on each search engine over several weeks and refine its positioning. Here are some tips for doing this:
  • Firstly determine what the keywords or keyword phrases are that you wish to be found by potential customers
  • Look at where your competitors rank in the search results of your queries to these keywords.
  • Compare the keywords of sites ranked high in the search results and the language that is used in the body text.  
  • Include your business name as a keyword to help your customers find your site. Sometimes customers forget your Web address but remember your business name.
  • To increase the probability of your site appearing higher in a search engine's result list, make sure the important topics are present in the titles, descriptions, keyword list, and text of each page.
  • Submit your website to free submission sites. Remember that free submittal can take weeks to months before you site is recognized by the search engines
  • Supplemet this with paid submissions to paid search engines to ensure faster logging of your site with relevant engines.