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HotDesk offers the most complete Internet-based solution available for advanced group and personal information management. The product is designed to provide organizations and individuals with a suite of productivity tools, otherwise only available at considerable cost with server based systems such as Lotus Domino/Notes or Microsoft Exchange.

Key benefits of using a Web-based Intranet:
  • Organizations and users can create their own customized and personalized electronic communication, information and workspace.
  • Access their personal page from any browser anytime, anywhere.
  • System set up is fast, with little or no cost.
  • Interoperability with other office productivity GroupWare to offer time management as an integral component within a total productivity solution for enterprise users.
  • Portability and Exchangeability for users to import/export schedules with existing time management software, as well as sync-up from enterprise system to PC and PDA.
  • Functionality that enhances coordination and productivity, expanding the users reach and control of the enterprise.

Comprehensive core features:
  • Company Hub Start Page – Users start with a home page that is focused on them and their company's needs. No distracting ads and links found in the well-known portals. The individual and/or his company can custom design the start page to function as a company Hub to provide relevant information and links that empower users in the conduct of their daily business.
  • News and Information - Users can stay on top of the day's events, the stock market and specific developments in their industry through customizable information including news banners and links.
  • Electronic Mail – From any location with an Internet connection, business people can access and manage several e-mail addresses including sending their messages to a pager or fax.
  • Calendar & Contact Management – On-line and shrink-wrap calendar products each offer some scheduling and organizing capabilities. Decentrix has all the applications a busy businessperson needs: extensive individual and group calendars, address book, reminders, to-do lists, a database of events, the ability to integrate with other applications and colleagues and support of group scheduling and planning.
  • Document Management/File Sharing – Regardless of the type of the document, users can share them though the document publishing and encrypted file transport system using a simple wizard.
  • A Choice of Communication Modes – Businesspeople have a choice of communications within their intranet including private chat, Bulletin Board, and electronic conferencing.