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Offline Site PromotionOffline Site PromotionOffline Site PromotionOffline Site Promotion
What are My Options to promote My Decentrix Website Offline?

The online world isn't the only place where you can spread the word about your Decentrix website. Leverage your existing offline marketing and customer contact by driving people to your website. Make sure you include your e-mail and Web address on all of your business cards, stationery, and other offline promotional materials, such as:


Make sure that all your brochures clearly identify your website address


Make sure that all your fliers clearly identify your website address

Newspaper and Magazine Advertisements

Each ad should clearly indicate the web site address. Remember that you can offer discount coupons or promotional items that are redeemed by visiting the website.

Radio, Television and Cable

If you are using broadcast advertising ensure that all ads finish with a clear statement of the website address as well as a telephone number. Without a telephone number they cannot call you, without a website address they cant find you online.

Product labels

If you use product labels on any equipment you sell or install you will probably have service and support telephone numbers. You should also have you website address on these labels.


Signage on your store and any signage on company or service vehicles should have the website address as well as telephone numbers

Press releases

Any press releases that you do should clearly indicate the website address and email address as well as other contact information.

Novelty items
Pens, mugs, magnets, calendars, and other items you give to potential and current customers
If you ever use novelty items in promoting your business make sure the website address is included in contact information.