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Promotion and Marketing

All successful businesses understand how important it is to properly promote and market their products and services. When you take your business online with the Decentrix website solution and collaborative intranet tools or with any website these basic principles are more important than ever. While people may drive or walk by your physical store and step in ask questions they are very unlikely to accidentally find you on the web amongst the millions of sites that exist today. Promotion and marketing of your Decentrix website through all the potential mediums is important to position yourself for a successful online presence.

Remember it does not happen simply because you publish a website. It happens because you drive traffic to the site just as you do with a bricks and mortar store today.

There are a number of ways in which you can effectively promote your site to potential customers or existing customers. Your site can be promoted by both on-line methods and off-line methods. Let us first cover the on-line methods.