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Become Visible OnlineBecome Visible OnlineBecome Visible OnlineBecome Visible Online
Other than Search Engines what else can I do to be More Visible Online?

Remember that your Decentrix website is not only just a place to sell products and services to customers, but also where you communicate with them. Encourage your customers to give you their e-mail addresses, and keep these in a database. Send regular messages or newsletters on new products, upcoming events, specials, etc. Also remember to include your Web address in all e-mail messages you send. Many companies will include their addresses at the bottom of their messages like this:

John Doe
Owner, Company Name, Inc.

One of the most powerful ways for managing your customers email details is to hold them in your Contacts list in your Decentrix collaborative intranet.
Contacts is a customizable database system that keeps your company's contacts organized and accessible - no more searching through card files for that important client data.
  • Create and organize detailed Public and Private contact databases.
  • Browse contacts by customizable groups, alphabetically or search by keyword.
  • Import and integrate existing contact database information from other applications.
  • Integrates with the email system for one-click messaging.
Schedule regular times to contact customers using your Calendar feature in your private intranet:

  • You can create calendars for scheduling any type of event with anyone - fast and easy.
  • Customize and Share your calendars with anyone in your organization that you choose.
  • Organize your schedule by the day, week, month and year.
  • Checking availability of any number of co-workers takes only seconds - making scheduling meetings hassle free.
And manage your promotional email from the email system in your private intranet:

  • Your email page is intuitive and easy to navigate because it's design is conventional and simple.
  • Our integrated, full-featured email services allows you to spell check your messages, attach documents, or send messages to multiple people or groups in your address book.
  • Managing your email is simple because you can organize your messages in folders you create.
  • Your Intranet can also collect and view email from all of your other email accounts.